Hotel Colón, Barcelona: La Seu Cathedral premium view

by Alison Cummings

May 2009
[ Barcelona, Spain vacation photos ]

Alison: Finally!  We can go back to the room.

Luc: Stop and look up to the top of Hotel Colón.  See that balcony up there, that’s our room.

Alison: Are you sure? This is exciting … top floor. OK.

After entering lobby, then exiting from elevator on their floor.

Alison: This hotel is so quiet! See, I’m even whispering.

Drumroll! Get ready for the countdown …

Luc: Like I told you, even if we did get here a bit early, it was worth the wait. You’ll see.

Alison: Key in the door.  Ooooh!  I like it.  The calm green walls are nice.  And the room is a big change from the room we had in Agropolis – remember, you kept hitting your head on that slanted ceiling? And check out the bathroom … plenty of counterspace for all my stuff…

Luc: Forget about that, come here.  And don’t even think about unpacking!  Come here and look at this.

Alison: Woah! When you said balcony, I thought it was just a place for you to stick your head out the window for a smoke.  This is amazing! It’s bigger than the room!  And we are right up there with the cathedral steeple.

Luc: Yeah, one reason I got this room.  Right across from La Seu. See that guy working wayyy up there on the scaffolding?  Small as an ant! Now look down over the side.  You can see the entire square.  I think it’s called Plaça de la Seu. And that’s where we are going to have coffee tomorrow morning – that place with the outside tables, just across the plaza next to the cathedral.

Alison: Man, we have to use this balcony to the fullest.  Maybe have lunch out here with some hams, cheeses and wine from the market.

Luc: Excellent idea. Now let’s open that bottle of wine!

Luc chilling on the Hotel Colón balcony.

Luc chilling on the Hotel Colón balcony with Barcelona's La Seu Cathedral in background.

Alison: And I’ll get those cherries, too.

Luc: My only bummer about the room is the TV: fully digital with all the connexions (DHMI, RGB, VGA, etc) and Internet access. BUT, everything is software locked. Can’t connect my iPhone to watch the movies we brought along (hey, my Spanish ain’t bad but on the other hand not that good) unless you pay – and I thought I’ve paid enough with this room with the terrace – Hotel Colón is a bit expensive, but hey.. once in a while why not. (So much less money to spend on Alison’s shopping budget, he, he he).


1 Suhasini September 26, 2010 at 9:52 am

Great guide indeed.

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2 Alison September 30, 2010 at 7:16 am


Appreciate the feedback! I checked out your site – wow … I am just at the start compared to the volume you have been posting. ;)


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