Ibiza, Spain: Arriving to fun, sun, beach and four-star Hotel Garbi

by Alison Cummings

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Alison: 12-hour flight Montreal-Paris-Barcelona-Ibiza/Eivissa. Final destination:  the Hotel Garbi located right on beautiful Playa d’en Bossa beach. And a nice comfortable bed to lie vertical.

The four-star Hotel Garbi in Ibiza.

Hotel Garbi deserves its four-star rating.

We nominate the signature "Garbi Green" of the hotel lobby as a new Crayon.

We nominate "Garbi Green" as a new Crayon. Purple is the hotel's other signature color.

Am a bit buzzed. Had what every movie buff dreams of on the Air France flight: Nonstop new releases. I’m in heaven and naturally did not sleep at all.  Great way to start our vacation!  Seriously.

Luc: Yes, all new releases but, besides the movie Nixon, they were mostly chick flicks to the great enjoyment of Alison. Luckily for me, I had my iPhone loaded with war and action movies.

Alison: Major jet lag hits me on Barcelona-Ibiza leg. Snoooooze. After a 15-minute cab ride, we arrive at Hotel Garbi. Exhausted.

View of Hotel Garbi pool in Ibiza, Spain

Hotel Garbi balcony: Our corner of Playa d'en Bossa beach. Note cigar lower left ...

Once in our hotel room, I hit the bed for an hour. Luc hits balcony for smoke. Note that in the hotel shot online featuring balcony and view of sea, the “sell” for him was the microscopic ashtray on the terrace table…

Luc: See guys, that’s your reward for doing all the search and travel arrangements. It all comes down to the fact that I smoke. Well, mind you, I had a few good cigars on that balcony.

Alison: Hotel Garbi is super clean. Staff is friendly. But the initial impression from the outside (especially at night) is Vegas Casino. And it turns out we arrive during the last days of an annual police biker convention. Lots of leather. And ’80s rock.

We are in room 321, near corner so there is a view of the sea, the pool and the poolside restaurant. Get sun all day.

Room is nice. 2 closets with shelves! Yahoo. Improves chances of not getting into arguments, though I find Luc has tendency to find any open surface and fill it with clothes while his suitcase remains jaws open on the floor.

Luc: Hey, am on vacation!

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1 Paul December 18, 2009 at 11:50 am

Wow, the photo gallery (link at top, for those who might have overlooked it) is fantastic. I’m now going to completely ignore work for the rest of the morning … by the way, I took some fun shots of Japan (a large percentage of which were of Japanese food) during a trip in December 2007. They’re on Picasaweb, which isn’t as good a gallery site as Smugmug, but I’ll be happy to share the link with you if you’re interested. I would also add that my photographic pursuits were largely motivated by advice you gave me years ago, so feel free to take credit for anything I’ve managed to shoot well … What kind of camera did you guys use during your Spanish vacation?

2 Alison December 23, 2009 at 11:34 am

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delay in response. New Year’s Resolution: Time management = more time to finish blog! We have Nikon Coolpix S220. More to come as I have to finish Barcelona posts (in progress) … and I have to get Luc moving as well. Please do share your link; am already anticipating some great sushi shots.

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