Finding an Oasis in Ibiza: Oasis English Café Restaurant

by Alison Cummings

First meal in Ibiza: cold beer, fresh french fries and chili

May 2009
[ Ibiza, Spain vacation photos ]

Alison: Time to go out in search of food. We don’t go too far. Luc tries getting me to explore, not knowing where he is going, leads me down what starts to look like an abandoned road. 4.5 kilometres later, turns out it’s the main way into town. Luc swears it is walkable. Remember, this is the first day … Maybe it’s that later taxi ride back that cements it for me: Having run 20+ years, I am the better judge of distance (and endurance).

Luc: Brag. Brag. I knew precisely where I was going. I had viewed the local roads using Google Map so much, it was embedded in my mind. Ha! Endurance and the smoker, right.

Alison: OK, now we need food! Luc is starting to lose it with his low blood sugar. And I keep seeing the same closed bars again and again. After two turns around the neighborhood near the Hotel Garbi, it’s clear we arrived before the party starts.  Lots of clubs and restaurants are closed.  It’s clear that when high time hits in June, that this place becomes party central.  But now it is low key.

Part of me is a bit disappointed as I would love to see what Ibiza is like full-throttle.  Sure it probably gets a bit old after a day, maybe even an hour. But still, there is a sense of something missing, and frankly, it’s a bit eery, like going to an amusement park where all the rides are shutdown. Here in May, families on vacation are pretty much the heterosexual majority. Doesn’t mean some of them aren’t party animals.  Most seem to be rowdy English pub-goers.

Oasis Restaurant, Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza, Spain.

We loved the food and friendly service at Oasis, great people-watching at sidewalk cafe.

Lots of restaurants with English pub food and some German. And Chinese. No French influences here at all.

Doubling back, we find Oasis English Café Restaurant, located on one of the side streets, where we are waited on by a friendly Ellen Pompeo look-alike (one of the owners, whose sweet little daughter came by to greet us). For some reason not up to any “big decisions” at this point and opt for french fries and a Corona. Hits the spot. Fries are amazing.

Luc has potato filled with chili. We relax at our outdoor table and  people watch. I see a petite woman tucking into a huge beer and hamburger.  Mmmm.  Looks great. This really is such a wonderful little spot – lots of atmosphere and good food –  I make a note to come again.

Back to hotel after a quick run to local supermarket for “necessities” like wine opener and wine. Plus a bag of Paprika chips. It’s tradition for us to always go for whatever unique chip offering is featured at the local mart. Paprika figures big here, we will later learn the fun way – by eating!

Now for more sleep. Then 3 hours later up again. By now it is 6:30 p.m. local time. We have now been up roughly 18 hours. Thought 10 tons of bricks had fallen on me. Promise of food gets me going. (Luc: Ya right! Mrs Endurance. I was the one who was hungry.) That and knowing the sooner I start adapting sleep pattern, the better.

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1 tanya November 13, 2009 at 1:38 pm

So many comments to make…All the pics from Ibiza trip are great, but that goat cheese salad is so gorgeous, it is almost too pretty to eat. (I said “almost.” I would definitely eat it.) The pic of you two on your “about us” page could not be cuter–you both look very happy. I like the angle of the he said/she said. It makes for a playful back & forth. I’m assuming Luc must have made the trek to Okieland judging by his T-shirt? Maybe you two could do a travel blog on OK…or maybe not.

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