Barcelona restaurant reviews

Barcelona is a food city. Go hungry and open-minded. The best meal you have may be tapas from a beachside café. But also do some research in advance to ensure you don’t always drop into to the first restaurant you see – as there are many.

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Ibiza restaurant reviews: Get ready to be hungry!

Everybody knows that food can make or break a vacation. And all the walking and exhaustion melts away with the first bite of a great meal. Then there’s always that one experience that you end up laughing about – either while you are eating – or later.

Read about the restaurants we liked and loved in Ibiza. Oh, and that other one…

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Finding an Oasis in Ibiza: Oasis English Café Restaurant

Despite jet lag starting to hit, Luc and Alison head out in search of food. And explore the maze of streets across from Hotel Garbi. Finally to come upon Oasis Cafe and Ellen Pompeo.

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