Ibiza Travel Photos: Capturing the island’s multi-faceted landscape

by Alison Cummings

Dancers at Medieval Fair in Dalt Vila, Ibiza, Spain.

Dancers at Medieval Fair in Dalt Vila, Ibiza, Spain.

Our Ibiza, Spain travel photos highlight the island’s warm, sunny nature. And the beautiful Ibiza landscape.

There is a lot to do and see here, certainly more than just relaxing on the beach, beautiful as it is. And don’t let Ibiza’s party reputation fool you.

Sure, there is a period at high season when it is crowded, noisy, and definitely not ideal for couples and families. That’s why we went in May.  The prices are better, too. Plus, Ibiza hosts a Medieval Fair the second week of May in Dalt Vila, a World Heritage site.

Ibiza has many personalities, in part courtesy of its multi-faceted landscape. Embrace the island for what it is, and the many pleasures it has to offer – including two memorable restaurants, La Torreta Restaurante and  Restaurante Moorea.

For those who enjoy agrotourism, an Ibiza island tour is a must. Our tour featured 5 stops: Las SalinasSant Josep, Portinatx, Sant Antoni and Santa Eulalia. The tour really brought out the character of Ibiza and enriched our trip.

A history of the landscape and the people

Learning about Ibiza history was fascinating, starting with the tension between the wealthy landowners and poor tenant farmers. Most farmers struggled for land ownership and independence. They were often forced to send their children elsewhere. The option was either poverty or  the opportunity to earn a living and survive.

Ironically, many of the children who left Ibiza to seek a better life lost their birthright. Eventually, land ownership reverted to the farmers as a means of equitable distribution vs. monopoly.  But the rightful heirs were either unreachable, or sold the land for a fraction of its true worth based on their belief the land was worthless.

Rocking along on the tour bus, we came across fields of almond trees, apricot orchards, vineyards, bee colonies and salt flats. For an insight into what life was like for prior generations of almond farmers, read Two farmers’ wives reminisce about their childhood. Three cheers for the Association of Ecological Farmers of Eivissa and Formentera, who serve as island preservationists. Since 2002, the association has been working to encourage ecological agriculture on the islands to preserve the integrity and of Ibiza’s landscape.

On the lighter side, Ibiza’s carefree party spirit can be attributed to the  ’60s hippy invasion. And to accompanying members of the jet set, who lent the island a lasting sheen of luxury, allure and refinement.

Hopefully, we captured the island’s colorful personality in our Ibiza travel photos.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and appreciate your feedback.


Luc and Alison


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